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Management Consultancy and Training.

LowLands Management Consultancy BV originates from the E&P sector.

We provide Consultancy with competence gained from years of global experience in different Well Services Management positions, working with one of the Major Multinational Oil Companies.  

LowLands has been providing Well Integrity Management (WIM) Master Classes since early 2011 and has established itself as one of the independent Leaders in providing training in this field, both in E&P and Geothermal Industry. 

Previous clients show a lot of confident in our Company and classes by sending more staff from the team who already attended our Well Integrity Classes. 

LowLands provides objective WIM management using the knowledge and processes from the Major. Our Lecturer has Management level experience from inside an Operator. This experience includes the design of Well Integrity Management Systems, instigation of the process and Global role-out of the MS inside the Major. In contrast to some other WI lecturers, who originate from field Supervisor-level and having been Contractor to the Operator or originate from the Services Industry. Neither of those have the same level of of expertise as Managers from inside the Operator have. There is no sales drive of products behind the story, we address all available technologies and products in our training sessions.

Lowlands can provide Training as a Consultancy to your Company by in-house sessions, or you can join Classes organised in public events. Send us an email for schedules.

Lowlands provides:

  • E&P Management Consultancy
  • Master Classes on Well Integrity Management for E&P and Geothermal Industry.
  • Master Classes on Completion and Well Intervention-Well Services
    • Well Services Operations training like HP pumping, Well Head Maintenance, Well Intervention
    • Completion design and Interventions
    • Well Head Maintenance for field technicians and supervisors.



Slickline and Well Services Operation Training.


In Collaboration with  Taylormade Training



  • ​Basic slickline training. A 10 day course with classroom and handson if possible on clients location.
  • A 5 day advanced slickline course for Fishing specialists and more importantly to prevent fishes.
  • A 5 and 10 day Well Services Operations training course for entry level and intermediate level.
  • Lowlands sells the TTC Slickline Training Manual and can ship from the EU, reducing shipping cost for clients in the Western Hemisphere.

   A list of some of our Clients: 

  • Petronas-Carigali Snd Bhd, Malaysia.
  • Petronas Snd Bhd PMU, Malaysia
  • PTTEP, Thailand.
  • Qatar Petroleum Development Company (QPDC) Qatar.
  • Daleel Petroleum LLC Oman
  • Petrofrac Malaysia.
  • Talisman Malaysia
  • Maersk Middle East
  • Pertamina, Indonesia: E&P and Geothermal
  • Pertamina-Total Indonesia
  • ENI, India and Indonesia
  • Intetec Ltd, Malaysia.
  • Shell Gabon. Gabon.
  • Schlumberger, Oman.
  • Petrosync, Singapore
  • Opus Kinetic
  • Conoco Indonesia.
  • Woodside Australia
  • Murphy Oil Malaysia.
  • Hoang Long Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company


Lowlands Consultancy can help with your training needs or provide Consultancy to  your organization. We go beyond the limit of what you think is possible and suit training packages to your needs.


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